Vietnam to host World Vovinam Championship

The 3rd World Vovinam (Vietnamese martial art) Championship 2007 will take place in HCM City on July 20-21 at the Phu Tho Sports House with the participation of 215 athletes from 21 countries including Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Vovinam is a famous Vietnamese martial art founded by grandmaster Nguyen Loc in 1938. Master Nguyen Loc combined martial arts techniques, self-esteem, discipline and oriental philosophy to form Vovinam in which principle of hard and soft were put together to become the main fighting technique.
Vovinam has been developing in Europe, the Americas and Africa. Its membership, including overseas Vietnamese and foreigners, has been increasing.
With advantages in the performance event, Vietnam is believed will successfully protect its championship at this year’s tournament. However, many difficulties are ahead because Vovinam has strongly developed in some countries like France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium. Thai and European athletes are considered contenders for the one-on-one championship.

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