Danida Integrates Environmental Considerations in Its Programmes

The objective of the Agricultural and Rural Development Programme 2007-2012 funded by Danida with a total value of 230 million DKK is to reduce rural poverty through agricultural and rural development in which environmental considerations are included in every programmes.
In cooperation with the Environmental Sector Programme, the support to the Agricultural and Rural Development Sector furthermore includes support to the Vietnamese authorities to undertake a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) at policy level. By this effort it is expected to raise awareness of the environmental consequences of the national policies and help build up capacity in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to conduct SEA.
As a part of the environmental considerations, climate change assessments will be integrated in the programme. Lowland areas may be threatened by sea rising and output of special sorts of crops may decrease due to changes in climate. Climate changes need therefore to be included for the programme to be effective.
A main action of the sector programme is training of Vietnamese farmers. Also in this part, environmental considerations are included to raise awareness among farmers. Indigenous knowledge is in this aspect regarded an opportunity for enhancing environmentally friendly management of natural resources among the farmers.
The farmers will be informed about issues like sustainable natural resources management, organic farming, forest protection and land degradation. Such training is especially relevant since the programme is to be implemented in areas with fragile environments, where new farming techniques may have serious consequences. The target of the training is improved environmental awareness among 28,000 Vietnamese people in poor, rural provinces.

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