Silicon Semiconductor License Its Digital Content Protection System

Silicon Semiconductor, a company is headquartered in Linkoping, Sweden with development subsidiaries in Singapore has licensed Certicom(R) KeyInject(TM) system to protect the high-definition digital content protection (HDCP) cryptographic keys that it embeds into its silicon chips for use in TVs, projectors, monitors and other consumer products announced by Certicom Corp. (CIC) on September 4, 2007.
HDCP is an industry-standard scheme designed to protect high-value content as it travels between the source and monitors, and other presentation devices. The cryptographic keys encrypt the content and authenticate the monitor.
For silicon manufacturers, the challenge is to ensure that the HDCP keys are protected from the time they are delivered from the licensing body through the end of the silicon manufacturing and assembly process. Failure to provide adequate protection could be seen as a violation of the HDCP licensing agreement, and can result in significant fines.
Silicon Semiconductor is one of those companies where digital entertainment content such as Hollywood movies is worth billions of dollars at retail. The companies manufacturing the devices that play digital entertainment content take significant precautions to protect it.
 Sicon Semiconductor is a fabless innovation and product company with over 25 years’ experience in mixed signal and analog design. Sicon’s solutions are based on its patented PSAR technology (time-interleaved A/D architecture) for Analog-to-Digital conversion, which enables industry-leading solutions for video and graphics multimedia interface. The resulting performance and cost benefits allow both consumer and professional applications to be realized. Sicon’s A/D products are designed using leading-edge standard CMOS processes. The company’s unique scalable, portable technology allows customers to secure optimum cost/performance, while simultaneously answering their toughest TTM needs.

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