Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman to Visit Vietnam

The Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman, Mr. Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen, is visiting Hanoi on the 16-20 November 2007 to share experiences from the Danish model for dealing with peoples’ petitions with the National Assembly, government representatives and research institutions.
The Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman is visiting Hanoi as part of a year-long project cooperation between the Vietnamese Board of Petition and the Danish Ombudsman’s Institution launched in January 2007 and financed by Danida.
The aim of the 1-year project cooperation between the Vietnamese Board of Petition and the Danish Ombudsman’s Institution is to culminate in a proposal to establish a specialized petition body of the National Assembly to handle peoples’ petition. The project has included research, comparative studies of various petition models and study trips to analyse people’s petition bodies in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands as well as a number of workshops to improve among others the awareness of National Assembly Deputies.
During the visit the Ombudsman will meet Mr. Tran The Vuong, the new Head of the Board of Petition, as well as with Mr. Ha Hung Cuong, the new Minister of Justice. He will also meet with government institutions, National Assembly deputies, researchers and scholars to discuss among others how to promote transparency in the public administration. He will give a lecture at the Law Faculty of the Vietnam National University.
The main purpose of Mr. Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen’s visit is to attend a conference on the establishment of a petition agency model suitable to Vietnamese context, where he will speak on his experiences as Ombudsman for the past 20 years. Full time members of the National Assembly, legal experts, standing members of the Committee on Ethnic Minorities and other Committees of the National Assembly will participate in the conference.
Possible support to the work on establishing a petition agency is part of the activities of the new Danish funded programme on Good Governance and Public Administrative Reforms, which was recently approved by the Danida Board with a grant of DKK 70 millions.
The programme consist of two pillars, one of them focusing on complaints handling, democratic governance and human rights education. The Danish funded programme will run from 2008 to 2011 and will furthermore support the implementation of the public administrative reforms at provincial level.

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