Danish Film Director Erik Clausen Met The Vietnamese Audience

On November 15, 2007 the Danish film director and multi-artist, Erik Clausen, gave a talk about the free thought and working with film before screening his film “Me and Mama Mia”. Erik Clausen is a board member in the Cultural and Development Exchange Fund (CDEF) established by the Danish Embassy.
During the week of “Denmark at its best” 12-16 November, the Danish Embassy has had the honour of hosting the famous Danish film director and multi-artist, Erik Clausen, in Hanoi. As part of his work as a board member in CDEF, Erik Clausen is visiting Hanoi to participate in the activities and follow the cultural work of the Embassy.
The 15th of November a lot of Danish residents in Hanoi and local Vietnamese showed up at Hanoi Cinémathèque to listen to his talk and watch his film. Erik Clausen gave a talk in Danish, which was translated into Vietnamese by the Danish resident in Hanoi, Trine Glue Doan.
Erik Clausen talked about his work and about the importance of the free thought. Erik Clausen described the human brain as an inner cinema, where everything can happen and which no one can control. He also stressed how film and arts in general liberates people and enables they free imagination and thinking.
Erik Clausen is a famous multi-artist and entertainer with appearances in films and television, writer, director, producer of feature films – often comedies with a social-political commitment.
He is an authentic artist painting with a broad palette of colours, and in his world freedom, honesty and humour are keywords.
“Me and Mama Mia” is actually a children’s movie, but it has attracted attention and acknowledgement from both children and adults. The film is a fine example of the Danish children’s movie tradition and of Erik Clausen unique sense for mixing social realism and humour.
Furthermore “Me and Mama Mia” and another one of Clausen’s films “My Childhood Symphony” are being broadcasted on VTV6 during the week.
The biographical drama “My Childhood Symphony” pays tribute to and chronicles the life of Carl Nielsen, the famed Danish 19th century composer. The story is comprised of three parts following Nielsen at the age of 7, 15, and 19.
Erik Clausen’s films have been presented in international film festivals around the world from the beginning of the 1980s, and he has won 25 international prizes and 6 Danish Critic Association Awards.

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