Swede’s Looking For The Owner Of A Ring From The Corals In Thailand

Linda Lindberg is looking for the owner to rings she found during a dive in the
waters of Koh Haa in Thailand.

    It’s a single gold ring and it must have slipped of the finger of its owner at
some point before mid-January 2008. Linda found it, beaming on a coral reef in Thailand.
In almost half a year Linda and her husband Johan Lindberg have been searching
for the owner of the ring, which they found on their vacation in Thailand. But
without results, and now they will soon give up, writes the website www.aftonbladet.se
    “It seems impossible to find the owner, we have really tried”, said Linda.
    It was in mid-January when Linda and her husband went on dive holiday outside
Koh Haa in Thailand
as they found the wedding ring.
    “We dived among corals and all of a sudden, we saw how it just was there just
waiting to be found”, she says.
    As the ring was “typical American” and the name is common in Sweden, so
Linda decided to take the ring home to find the owner.
    The diving centre in Thailand
did not take the time to look after the rightful owner, and Linda Lindberg
thought it was a pity if it would if the ring just stayed lost.
    “If I had lost my wedding rings, I had done anything to get it back, and I
think it’s the same for the owner of the ring. That’s why I brought it back to Sweden”, says
    Since then, Linda and Johan have tried in almost every manner to get in touch
with the owner.
    “We thought
it would not be so difficult, we have the name and a date too”, “she says.

    After repeated to get help from the police, tax authorities and the Church of Sweden were fruitless, Linda began to
advertise the case on the Internet, but she did not say where she found it.
    In the end she turned to Radio CBC Radio, which called for the owner over the
    Ricky Smith from CBC Radio says that they received hundreds of e-mails, but unfortunately
they still miss the real owner.
    Now Linda makes a last attempt: Have you lost your ring in the waters of Koh

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