47th anniversary of Vietnam-Norway diplomatic ties

On the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Norway on November 25, Ambassador Grete Løchen send her first official address.

Photo: Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi

In the official address, the Ambassador focused on the ocean:
“The ocean truly connects us. Our 30-year bilateral cooperation in the blue economy has become a hallmark in this 47-year relationship,” she wrote.

She pointed out that Norway helped Vietnam with the development of the first Fisheries Law and that Norwegian and Vietnamese universities collaborate on the marine sector.

She also wrote that she in her short time as Ambassador had experienced many companies who wanted to do business in the Vietnamese marine sector:
“I do see a lot of potential for Norway-Vietnam business cooperation in these sectors when I see their enthusiasm and hope. Norwegian companies are ready to share knowledge and expertise with Vietnam.”

Read the entire official address here.

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