Ambassador Grete Løchen meets the new President of the Voice of Vietnam 

On 12 July, Ambassador Grete Løchen met with the new President of the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), Mr. Do Tien Sy, the Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi shared in a recent update.

According to the Embassy, Ambassador Grete Løchen congratulated President Do Tien Sy on the new position and wished him the best success in this important role. She also expressed her gratitude to the support and cooperation from VOV over the past time, particularly in the two years of her posting in Vietnam, for its support in reporting news and sharing information about Norway, and the bilateral cooperation activities.

President Do Tien Sy warmly welcomed Ambassador Løchen to VOV and confirmed VOV’s expectation to learn more from Norwegian broadcasting experiences, particularly in the application of modern and advanced technologies and digital platforms in this sector.

As Norway and Vietnam are celebrating the 50th jubilee of the diplomatic ties this year, President Do Tien Sy promised that VOV will closely follow and report news on the commemorative activities of the two countries on various channels of VOV, the Embassy writes.

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