Farmers Getting Help To Export

The Lam
Dong province of Vietnam has primarily sold its
production of artichoke, tea and vegetables at low prices in the domestic
market. With the support from Danida funded Business Sector Programme Support,
the farmers will now have an opportunity of reaching the international markets
by improving the quality of their products.

such as outdated cultivation and post-harvest practices, poor management
skills, lack of product certification, limited processing facilities, poor
packaging, market development skills etc. have prevented the agricultural
products from Lam Dong from being globally competitive.

     Due to the
weakening of the government paid agricultural extension services, farmers in
Lam Dong do not have access to knowledge about the latest cultivation methods
and post harvest technologies. Further the necessary training, certification
support and quality assurance services are lacking in the province without
which their produce is not ready for the stringent requirements of the export

     The huge
challenge of supporting several thousands of poor farmers with technical,
certification support, processing and export services in a sustainable manner
is being attempted through the Business Sector Programme Support funded by
Danida. The programme has committed VND 15.5 billion (around approx. USD
900,000) to support activities on a cost-sharing basis through private
enterprises involved in the processing and exports of agricultural products.

     During the
pilot phase of the support, private service providers are expected to support
over 600 farmers with training and technical assistance and secure VietGAP
certification for 60 farmers and GlobalGAP certification for 12 farmers. Once
the model of commercially attractive cooperation of contract farming, technical
and certification support services between the farmers and the processors /
exporters of artichoke, tea and vegetable products is established, it is
foreseen that the other processors will replicate the same without any external
grant support.



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