Mingle At SWEA Kan

Swea Bangkok will for the first time introduce “Swea Kan Forum”. It’s held at Stable Lodge, and the purpose of the activity is to give opportunity to as many people as possible so they can promote their talents or services.
    Therefore, Sunday November 16, 2008, anyone who has an interest in meeting people and create new contacts, or just greet old friends, and not to forget to buy goods in the different boots, are particularly welcome.
    Yes. Creating new contacts, sell, buy, mingle, and exchanged experiences that´s what this Sunday afternoon is all about.
    So what can you actually buy at “Swea Kan Forum”?
    Swedish food. Hand made “Tomtar” and other products which are about Christmas. You can also buy books, Swea products and clothing.
    “Integrated Wellness” and “Scandasia” will be ready to hand out information’s and make all the deals in the world. And you will also be able to buy tickets for the big Christmas this year.

    See the URL below.

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