Danish reality show apologizes for Malaysian nude scene

The producers of reality television show Robinson Ekspiditionen (Survivor) have apologized to the Malaysian people and authorities for the scene depicting a naked race on an island around Mersing, Johor on May 3. Photographs of contestants from “Expedition Robinson,” the Danish version of the popular “Survivor” series, taking part in a nude race were published recently on the front page of a Malay-language tabloid, prompting authorities to launch an investigation.


Strix Television, which produces the Danish version of the popular Survivor series, explained that the scene was not pre-meditated and was not part of the actual shooting.


In a statement Friday, it also gave its full assurance to the relevant government authorities and Malaysians that the scene would not air.


“This was an inexcusable incident, a huge error of judgment and a devastating blow to the good relationship between the Danish production and the people of Malaysia,” said the company’s executive producer for Denmark Jacob Juhl. He added that the company had also explained the situation to the ‘Central Agency For The Application For Filming And Performance By Foreign Artistes’.


Juhl said the director responsible for the incident was immediately terminated and described the latter’s decision as insensitive and insulting.


“The call was made outside the chain of command and has affected the integrity of our organisation,” he said.


Strix Television senior executive producer Frida Aberg said the company wanted to continue to work with Malaysia and boost its tourism industry.


During the episode which was filmed in Malaysia, 16 out of the 22 contestants ran in the nude while five others who refused to bare it all were forced to eat caterpillars to decide who should be sent back to Denmark. A female participant who opted out of the race was sent back immediately.


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