The Swedish Church in Singapore: Help the Refugee Children in Northern Thailand

In Northern Thailand there lives a lot of refugees from China, Myanmar and Cambodia. The refugees are living there but have not rights to life elsewhere in Thailand or to obtain Thai citizenship.

That means that the children can not go to school and often ends up in drug problems and prostitution claims a press release from the Swedish Church in Singapore.

To help the refugee children the Swedish Church are cooperating with a Swedish-run children’s home called Baan Chivit Mai which are close to Chiang-Rai.

The children’s home has a lot of activities such as school, help to apply for citizenship and several workshop all initiatives to start integrating the refugees into the Thai society.

But the children’s home needs help. The Swedish Church encourage you to donate close, shoes, toys and school equipment. And of course money.

All donations should be delivered at the church before the 17th February. And money should be transferred to the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission. 

Visit the children’s home’s website:

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