Retire in Paradise

A Finnish company is planing to build retirement homes for elderly Finns in Hua Hin. The idea is to make a peaceful area where the elderly can enjoy and relax their retirement in Thailand.

In Seniorelixir’s, the construction company’s, homepage the project is described this way:
“An incredible scenic paradise, the idyllic framework, own a small studio apartment or a house in a new line of natural beauty in the tropics.”

Thursday the the 28th the idea got support from the Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, who in a editorial Antti Mykkänen speaks for a more liberal policy on moving health care to cheaper countries. The editorial focus on the economic benefits for the Finnish society.

”If, say, 10 percent of the forthcoming 65-year elderly would be caring for themselves in 2030 in Thailand.. it will save the Finnish society about 200 million per year,” Antti Mykkänen claims in the editorial.
In the plans for the retirement houses in Thailand it is also planned that there will be a lot of different activities aimed at the elderly such as massage, golf, chess and fitness just to mention some.

The place will also offer special help if the residents get homesick and wants to go home to Finland for some time. And the buildings are even special designed to the elderly and fully accessible in a wheelchair.

Tero Takamaa from Seniorelixir confirms that they are planning to build retirement houses in Thailand but still they are not sure when they will begin the actual construction.

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