Dane Arrested for Sex with Underaged Girl in Pattaya

Danish citizen Michael Borch-Jensen, 43, was at 2 am on 7 February arrested in his room in L.K Apartment Pattaya. After Super Intendant Chusak Kethong and his team following a tip found Michael Borch-Jensen in his underwear and a 14 year old girl naked on his bed.
After interviewing both of them, police further arrested Miss Amornrat Gardoeay 33 years old from Konkaen for selling the underaged girl to the Danish man.
Miss Amornrat admitted that she had brought the girl to sleep with Mr Michael Borch-Jensen. She admitted that she frequently provided underaged girls for her customers of whom most were foreigners. She would get from 1,000 to 1,500 baht for the girl and would out of this take a commission for herself of 300 to 500 baht.
Michael Borch-Jensen insisted he was innocent and that he had not had sex with the girl but the police locked both him and Miss Amornrat up in the Pattaya police station for presentation in court. Police then took the girl for physical examination to find evidence for the charges against the Dane before sendning her to a juvenile center in Chonburi.

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