Norwegian Peoples Aid gets Green Light for Third Lao Province

According to a press release Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA) Friday the 5th February signed an agreement with the Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Programme, part of the Lao Government, about disarming unexploded weapons and ammunition in the Atapeu province.

It is of big importance for NPA that they work according to the national strategy The Safe Path Forwards for UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) in Laos.

Norwegian Peoples Aid has worked with disarming unexploded artillery in Laos for several years. NPA has worked in the provinces of Sekong and Saravan and with the agreement signed last Friday they now cover all of Southern Laos.

“NPA will place emphasis on developing a work plan that is consistent with both the national strategy for the UXO Sector and with the inputs of the province and the districts. Coordination with UXO Lao will be important and we thank them for their cooperation to date,” stated Charles Frisby, NPA Country Programme Manager.

The total cost of NPA’s Laos programme is about US$ 1.4 million which is paid for by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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