Ib Andresen Industri Starts Supplementary Production in Thailand

As part of the company’s internationalisation strategy Ib Andresen Industri has established a production unit in Thailand. The factory is situated in a so-called free zone in Laem Chabang container terminal
The extension with a production unit in Asia is made in order to comply with the customers’ strategic needs for an international partner within development, production and assembling of customised steel and aluminium components. Ib Andresen Industri finds the customers are becoming more and more global and there is a growing need to match international competitive conditions.
Ib Andresen Industri is a specialist subcontractor to Danish and non-Danish companies alike within the working and processing of steel and metals. The comapny’s main business areas are Steel Service Center, Sheet and plate working, Roll forming and Powder coating, within which it processes and refines steel, including coils (steel and metal rolls), sheets and tubes.

Why establish a production unit in Thailand?
About the motive for the extension of the company’s production facilities Director of Business Development Tom Andresen says:
”Actually, it is quite simple: our customers ask for it. We have more than 40 years’ experience as a subcontractor to the Northern European steel industry and each year we process more than half a million tonnes of steel. Our many years’ of experience has given us know-how and a number of efficient systems for handling production planning, quality assurance and order processing. As our customers now ask for solutions, which can be solved with production in Asia with advantage, we have transferred our Danish systems to our new Thailand production unit. This enables us to offer the best of both worlds: a well-established subcontractor in Europe combined with the production advantages of manufacturing in both Europe and Asia.”
The target group for the company’s production in Thailand is primarily medium-sized and big industrial customers, among these OEM producers and EMS companies, with a need for shaped steel or aluminium components.
The combination of production facilities in Denmark and Thailand enables Ib Andresen Industri to focus on the total finances and put together a solution that caters precisely for the customers’ needs for quality, competitiveness and, importantly, security of supply.
Security of supply is important when it comes to choosing subcontractors from the Far East, and it is crucial for the logistics setup to work. Thus, it was vital to identify a location with an excellent infrastructure for logistics in order to serve the customers in Europe and Asia as well as at all possible.
The factory in Thailand is situated in Laem Chabang, an industrial region just south of Bangkok. The region boasts Thailand’s biggest deep-water container terminal and the vast majority of international shipping to and from Thailand is handled in Laem Chabang.
In addition, the factory is located in a free zone, which means that the raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished goods are not subject to any duty or levies in connection with delivery to or exporting from Thailand.

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