Dane Arrested for Underaged Sex Released

Michael Borch-Jensen, the Danish man who was arrested in the weekend for sex with a 14 year old girl has been released by the police. The 43 year old Dane is according to the police currently not charged with any criminal offence, but it is still possible, that criminal charges will later be filed against him.
 “The examination of the young girl indicated that no sexual intercourse had yet taken place, so – pending the statement from the girl – no crime had at the time of the arrest yet been committed,” explains Superintendent Chusak Kethong of the Human Traficking Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police in charge of the investigation.
The woman, Amornrat Kadeuay, who admitted to supplying young girls for sex with toursists in Pattaya, remains in custody while the special police unit in charge of supressing human traficking is investigating the case further.

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