Thailand 9th Most Dangerous Country in The World

White sandy beaches, lots of sun, palm trees, spicy food, and polite and smiling people is maybe what you normally link with Thailand.
But according to the Terrorism Risk Index made by Maplecroft Thailand is also a country in extreme risk of terror attacks reports the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Thailand moves up to be number nine on the Terrorism Risk Index and become a part of the category extreme risk nations. This category also contain countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan as number one, two and three on the list.
The reason for Thailand to become a extreme risk country is the ongoing problems with Muslim rebels in Southern Thailand which in October 2009 resulted in several bomb attacks.
According to the Danish newspaper Politiken about 3900 people has been killed in this conflict.

The Philippines appears as a high risk country and holds the position as number 10 at the Terrorism Risk Index.

Read the news release from Maplecroft.

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