The Scandinavian Charitable Hands

Text: Ulla Behrend 
Photo: Julie Amsinck

On the 9th February, the 35-year old Scandinavian Women’s Association (SWA) held its Annual General Meeting and proudly showed that the good old viking ship is still going strong. The Annual Report 2009 told its own tale about meeting its two objectives: to assist the needy people in Singapore and to be a social centre for Scandinavian women in Singapore. Six countries/geographical entities united for 35 years in volunteer charitable work

During 2009, SWA has channelled 30,000 SGD to families, individuals and students in permanent or temporary need. SWA’s “charity chest” is filled by membership fees, money and gift donations by Scandinavian companies and groups, and through money raising activities. SWA’s expenses are kept extremely low.

To meet the objective as social centre for Scandinavian Women, 54 different activities were organised, ranging from guided tours and courses in cooking, golf, photo etc. over lunches to long walks in Singapore’s nature reserves.

This year’s AGM saw a change of presidents, as Danish Ulla Behrend resigned due to temporary repatriation. Lis Heisselberg, also Danish, was elected new president. The following Committee Members were elected for 2010:

President – Lis Heisselberg (Denmark)  
Secretary – Karen Fawcett-Ellis (Norway) 
Treasurer – Sanna Järvinen (Finland)
Charity – Lis Jensen (Denmark)
Charity – Britt Rozario (Denmark)
Membership – Pernelle Fau Clausen (Denmark)
Webmaster – Julie Amsinck (Denmark)
Webmaster assistant, Editor – Tina Holst Helledie (Denmark)
Web + administration – Ninna Holch Trubka (Denmark)
Leisure/Tours – Sissel Warnes (Norway)
Leisure/Tours – Junko Bjerke (Norway)
Leisure/Tours – Ann-Marie Hellström (Sweden)
Newcomers Sweden – Ann-Marie Hellström (Sweden)
Newcomers Finland – Helina Ranta (Finland)
Newcomers Norway – Venke Tönsberg (Norway)
Newcomers Denmark – Lis Heisselberg (Denmark)

Six countries/geographical entities: Norway, Sweden, Denmark Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands united for 35 years in volunteer charitable work. This is a creditable achievement for the SWA and this worthwhile contribution deserves to be gratefully acknowledged.

SWA warmly welcomes new members. Web address and e-mail address below.
Email: [email protected]

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