Study Trip to Singapore Unveiled Prestige About the Job As a Teacher

School principles get 1.8-2.0 million DKK a year and the teachers are paid the same as engineers and get 100 lessons of supplementary training a year.

It is prestigious to be a teacher and the parents are expected to do homework together with their child two hours every day.

Teachers are trained at university and there are four-five times more applicants than student places.

This is how you get a school system, which is among the top five systems in the world. Unlike in Denmark, where there always is uncertainty about what you get in the world’s most expensive school.
What is for certain, is that 16 percent quit classes after secondary school in Denmark.

What Singapore can, and Denmark can not was the topic when the group of Danish education professionals choose to take a closer look into what some have called: “The miracle in Singapore.”

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