708 New Jobs in Thailand Paid by Scandinavians

The Board of Investment of Thailand has just recently approved three new projects funded by Scandinavian money. In total, the projects have a value of 527.00 million Baht.

Electrolux Co., Ltd.  will invest 448.0 million Baht to produce washing machine.  The Swedish owned project will employ 375 Thais in Rayong.

Phuket Oem Co., Ltd. will invest 76.0 million Baht to produce surgical mesh. The Thai, Singaporean, and Swedish owned project will employ 331 Thais in Phuket.

Mr. Havard Norstebo will invest 3.00 million Baht to operate a trade and investment support office. The Norwegian owned project will employ 2 Thais in Trad.

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