Norwegian Woman Falls to Her Death From Jomtien Apartment Block

On Wednesday Night police was called to the base of the Jomtien Beach Condominium, known locally as “Rimhat Jomtien” to investigate reports of a suspected suicide of a Norwegian National. At the scene, Police inspected the body of Mrs. Anne-Marie Pedersen aged 73.
   Nearby was the victims Husband, who could not believe what had happened. Injuries were consistent with a low-floor fall and it was confirmed that the couple lived in a 4th floor condo.
   The victim’s husband was questioned and explained that he was not inside the room at the time and was informed by a neighbor of his wife’s fall. It appears she was suffering from a serious illness and would often tell her Husband that she did not want to become a burden on him in the future.
   Inside the room, medication commonly used to treat cancer was found and for now, the investigation into Mrs. Pedersen’s death is ongoing to ensure that she was indeed alone at the time of the fall.

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