Ikea in US Recall 3.4 mio. Blinds After Baby Strangles

Ikea said on its website that it was recalling the blinds voluntarily, in cooperation with US and Canadian safety and consumer protection authorities, after the accident.

The recall concerns all rolling and slatted blinds sold between January 1998 and June 2009.

The measure concerns only blinds sold in the United States and Canada, a spokeswoman for Ikea said. The company had issued a recommendation to its customers around the world to attach the control cords to the wall.

Ikea said it had acted after being informed that an 18-month-old boy had nearly died in an acident in the state of Massachusetts at the end of February.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada said in a statement sent to AFP by Ikea: “Consumers should stop using (these) products immediately unless otherwise instructed.”

Ikea had already recalled more than 1.3 million blinds sold between November 2008 and October 2009 following similar incidents. In one of these, a one-year-old girl lost her life in the state of Connecticut in 2008.

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