Twelve Norwegian Companies at “Offshore Wind China”

Norwegian Deputy Minister Robin Kåss headed the Norwegian delegation to the Offshore Wind China 2010 conference in Shanghai. Twelve Norwegian companies took part to explore opportunities for partnerships with China. The conference, which was co-organised by Norway, marked a new chapter of Sino-Norwegian relations in renewable energy.

The Norwegian offshore wind industry cluster, an industry which is by and large a result of Norway’s 40 years of experience as an offshore oil and gas nation, is growing rapidly. It is offering competence complimentary to the Chinese wind industry, hence the scope for co-operation is large.

Norwegian companies are keenly looking for opportunities to take part in China’s ambitious plans within offshore wind, as well as partnerships with Chinese companies in production and product development aimed at the rapidly growing global wind industry. The Norwegian wind industry is a major player in the European home market, being engaged in the 9 GW Dogger Bank project and other large projects in the United Kingdom and Germany.  
Deputy Minister Kåss expressed his view that Norwegian companies have a lot to offer China’s ambitious plans for offshore wind technology. He also expressed his delight at the significant Norwegian participation at the conference and the apparent Chinese interest in securing Norwegian partners.
Kåss and representatives of China Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA) and the National Energy Administration agreed to strive to facilitate governmental and industrial co-operation in offshore wind. One concrete such step will be taken later this month, when a delegation from Guangdong will visit Norway as part of the planning of China’s largest offshore wind farm, to be developed off the coast of Guangdong.  
Norway and China has co-operated on energy matters since 1978. A separate MoU on renewable energy was signed in 2006.  

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