Danish Embassy Provides Meeting Bikes

Denmark has become world famous for its bicycle-loving population and in Denmark, cycling is for everyone. A poll recently showed that even among the Members of Parliament, 86 per cent ride bikes when travelling through the bustling city.  

In Denmark, cycling is very popular, especially in the big cities, where it is often the fastest way to get around. The daily exercise keeps the Danes healthy and energized, and young and old, rich and poor use the bike as a daily means of transportation. Bike riding does not reflect your social status or financial situation.

In a recent survey on Danish cycling habits performed by the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, 86 per cent of the respondents from the Danish Parliament replied, that they ride their bikes regularly, and 63 per cent of them use their two-wheeler every day. In the Danish capital of Copenhagen, 37 per cent of the inhabitants choose the bike as their primary means of transportation. A number which is believed to reach 50 per cent by 2015.

Acting Ambassador in Beijing, Søren Jacobsen, is doing his bit to promote bicycling, providing his staff with fast and eco-friendly ‘Meeting Bikes’.
To many Danes, the bicycle forms part of their identity. In Copenhagen it is not unusual to spend a lot of money on your old bike and to have it re-sprayed in striking colour combinations.

Also, Danes are disciplined cyclists. Hardly anyone drives against traffic, they hardly ever jump a red light, and when Danes brake, they stick their hand in the air to warn cyclists behind them.

In Beijing, the Danish cycling culture is evident at the Royal Danish Embassy where the staff enjoys riding the embassy’s special meeting bikes to get quickly around the city. Acting Ambassador of the Danish Embassy, Mr. Søren Jacobsen, points out:

“The Embassy meeting bikes are not only popular among our colleagues. The bikes also improve the local environment, save time in traffic and save us taxi expenses”.

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