Pedophile Swede Bribes His Way Out of Prison

In January he was sentenced to six and a half years of prison after having misappropriated three boys in Cambodia.

He has, among other things, taken advantage of his adopted son for some years, Swedish newspaper  Svenska Dagbladet writes.

The man has been imprisoned since being arrested i May last year in Cambodia. The police and social authorities had, before that, followed him closely for three years.

This friday, the court is bringing up the case once again, and it is expected that the adopted son this time has changed his story. The son and the 63-year-old Swede have been in daily touch by telephone.

”I train him to say the right things and not to say anything against himself,” the Swede says to Svenska Dagbladet after they visited him in the prison outside Phnom Penh.

The 63-year-old Swede has previously been convicted of sexual abuse of a child back in Sweden.

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