Norway Spends 30 Million Dollars to Save Indonesian Forests

In January 2011, Indonesia is supposed to impose a two-year moratorium on deforestation.

Norwegian officials said, accoring to AFP, they were satisfied that Indonesia is currently making progress towards its promise.

The Norwegian ambassador, Eivind Homme, says that Indonesia is taking a global leadership role on clomate change.

“Norway is honoured to work with Indonesia in a partnership built on mutual trust and respect and a long time friendship,” he said.

The last couple of days, the parts have met in Jakarta to talk, and the ambassador says that the meetings has brought the two countries significantly forward. He expects to be able to announce a “fully operational partnership” at a UN Conference on climate change in Mexico in December, states AFP.

Indonesia has struggled with deforestation rates that are meant to be wildly inaccurate in the country where illegal logging is rampant.

But Homme will only deliver if something happens.

“If there is no reduced deforestation, we will not pay,” he says to AFP.

Indonesia still has not clarified which forests will be protected under the moratorium, which has been opposed by the powerful palm oil industry.

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