Bali Journalists Protest Against Reporter’s Death

About 70 Bali-based journalists staged a protest Sunday in Denpasar against death of Ridwan Salamun, a news contributor for SUN TV network, who was found dead during a clash between group in Tual, Southeast Maluku on Saturday morning.

An attack toward Ridwan was a terror and threat to journalists while conducting his or her duty in providing information to public, the journalists said in a statement.

The journalists urged the police to thoroughly investigate Ridwan’s death as happened to Radar Bali daily newspaper journalist AA Narendra Prabangsa some time ago.

Bali Television Journalists Association (IJTI Bali) coordinator Putu Setiawan strongly urged all parties to stop violence against journalists.

“Great news becomes meaningless when the journalist comes home in a body bag,” he said Sunday as quoted by

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