Sweden and China collaborate on transport solutions

Ingela Bendrot, Swedish State Secretary to the Minister for Infrastructure, is currently on a visit to China for meetings and activities focusing on transport solutions.

Bendrot had a meeting at the Ministry of Transport on Monday for a half-time review of the Sino-Swedish Action Plan on transport solutions signed in 2011. The Action Plan has led to furthered Sino-Swedish exchange in the areas of urban transport, road transport and safety, shipping, maritime affairs and green flights. New activities within these areas were discussed at Monday’s meeting.  Bendrot also met with the Traffic Safety Bureau of Ministry of Public Security together with Swedish companies to discuss issues related to road safety.

On Tuesday morning the State Secretary made a visit to the Beijing Alignment Academy. Bendrot later attended a Sino-Swedish seminar on Urban Transport on Tuesday afternoon, co-hosted by the China Academy of Transportation Sciences. Topics such as congestion charges, modern city bus solutions and traffic planning and management were discussed. The State Secretary held an opening speech at the seminar.

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute is co-hosting the 16th “Road Safety of Four Continents” conference in Beijing 15-17 May together with the Research Institute of Highway (RIOH) of Ministry of Transport of China, and Transportation Research Center at Beijing University of Technology. State Secretary Bendrot will attend the opening ceremony on Wednesday 15 May and hold opening remarks.


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