Danes Wins Environtmental Award

The Danish printing company Formula A/S has won the Ballerup Municipality Environmental Honors 2010. Formula is the Danish partner in the Joint Venture DanViet, which is supported by the Business-to-Business Programme. Formula has won the award for focusing on being environmental friendly and for setting a good example in the printing sector, where being environmental friendly is not the typical case.

Ballerup Municipality, the local government of Ballerup city and surrounding areas, has chosen to award Formula with the Environmental Prize of 2010 to recognise the many initiatives Formula has taken. Formula has strived to become a increasingly environmentally conscious company by focusing on sustainable production, as a way of taking good care of the environment, but also as a marketing strategy.

The initiatives include Formula’s strive to become certified with different environmental certifications like for example EMAS (The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and the Nordic ecolabel called The Swan. These certifications have all been aiding Formula in offering their customers printed products produced with consideration for the environment. A most welcome fact that Formula customers equally use in their marketing efforts to signal a concern for the environment.

The award is also given to recognize Formula’s effort in spreading the message of being environmental friendly to other businesses in the graphics industry and act as inspiration to other sectors. Formula’s Marketing Manager Merethe Skyum expressed; “historically speaking, printing plants and graphics art companies are not known for their efforts to save and preserve the environment”.

Formula seeks to spread the word of environmental awareness to customers through a straightforward marketing strategy, which has been a success so far. Formula is therefore eager to continue down the green path, and will carry on investing in new technology with less impact on the environment.

Formula has set up a Joint Venture with Alta in HCMC for scratch products for marketing and prepaid services in the Vietnamese. The joint venture equally aims at being a competitive player for high-quality printed scratch products and start packs on the international markets. Hopefully this partnership can contribute to a clearer environment in Vietnam as well.


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