The Swedish Ambassador Presents His Credentials

Mr Staffan Herrström highlights that one of his major tasks as the new Swedish Ambassador in Hanoi is to promote commercial and partner driven cooperation between Sweden and Vietnam. Another assignment stressed by the Ambassador is to support Vietnamese reform efforts in the areas of democracy and human rights as well as environment and climate change.

Mr Herrström made the statement in Hanoi this morning (October 4, 2010) when he officially presented to the State President of Vietnam, Mr Nguyen Minh Triet, the Letter of Credentials signed by His Majesty the King of Sweden to assign him the new Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam.

The State President of Vietnam, Mr Nguyen Minh Triet welcomed the new Ambassador of Sweden and hoped that Mr Herrström will continue to contribute to the further development of relations between Vietnam and Sweden. State President Nguyen Minh Triet said Sweden’s support and assistance to Vietnam, during the war and at present has been very valuable and mentioned development projects supported by Sweden like Bai Bang paper and pulp mill and the children’s hospital.  Mr Triet called for more efforts to increase bilateral trade and investment between the two countries.

The Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam said: “The friendship between the societies and peoples of Sweden and Vietnam are now already steadily moving into a very equal relation – seeing trade and investment increasing and seeing a significant potential to increase the volumes much more. To promote this kind of relations – commercial and partner driven – is one of my major tasks as Ambassador. I certainly look forward also to continue and hopefully energise the exchange of high-level visits between our countries in order to further deepen our relations.”

The development agreement between Sweden and Vietnam for the coming years gives priority to the broad areas of democracy and environment. Sweden is strongly committed to supporting Vietnamese reform efforts in these areas.

Mr Staffan Herrström elaborated: “Freedom of expression, freedom of information and media, freedom of association are, obviously, not only rights in themselves but also key to so many other development efforts of high priority to our both countries. Openness and transparency are also the best tools available to fight mismanagement and corruption. We are therefore happy to have been entrusted with the task of taking the lead among development partners in two areas: media and anti corruption.”

Mr Herrström also stressed that as a development partner of Vietnam and partner to the Vietnamese people, Sweden has been deeply impressed by Vietnam’s remarkable socio-economic progress and Sweden wants to congratulate Vietnam for its successful performance in reaching the MDGs.


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