Norwegian-Indonesian Trade Increases 144 %

According to BPS, the total trade figures for 2010 surged to USD 353,8 million, compared to USD 144,6 million in 2009 – marking a total increase of 144 percent relative to 2009. Whereas Indonesia’s import equaled 298,1 million USD – an increase of 189 percent, Norway’s import of Indonesian commodities reached USD 55,7 million, a total increase of 35 percent.

The figures published by the Indonesian Central Statistics Agency fluctuate with corresponding figures released by Norwegian Statistics (SSB) however. According to SSB, the total bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to  USD 305,6 million, compared to USD 210 million in 2009. This marks a total increase of 45,5 percent relative to 2009. SSB further notes that the Norwegian export rate constituted the main growth – doubling in number from USD 70,8 million in 2009, to USD 148,4 million in 2010.

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