New Carlsberg Manager – New Brands

Carlsberg recently unveiled its brand new positioning, sporting a novel face and voice that the brand believes will speak to a younger market. It’s something its general manager Bart Lim understands is necessary given the changing nature of the beer market and its increased competitiveness.

It is especially true in Singapore, he explained, where Carlsberg has been a mainstay among the “more established beer drinkers”. He added: “With this global brand re-launch – and a new ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’ epigram – we are looking at building inroads to fresh new markets … and still be accessible to our loyal supporters.”

Lim took over as general manager of Carlsberg Singapore in January 2009 and has been developing the company’s extensive portfolio, which includes its Carlsberg Green Label, Carlsberg Gold and Special Brew, Skol, Kronenbourg 1664, Danish Royal Stout, Corona and even the old Jolly Shandy.

Interestingly, Lim’s 15 years of marketing experience was earned outside the world of alcoholic beverages, starting with Proctor & Gamble in 1994. His ambition led him to work at Johnson & Johnson Singapore in 2004 where he would in time assume the role of customer development director.

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