The Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta to be Accredited to Malaysia

The Embassy of Sweden in Kuala Lumpur will close during 2011. The Embassy’s activities will be phased out gradually.

When the Embassy has closed, the intention is for the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta to be accredited to Malaysia. The Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta will then uphold the dialogue with the Malaysian government, and further the political and economic ties between Sweden and Malaysia. 

The intention is to establish an Honorary Consulate General in Kuala Lumpur in order to serve Swedish citizens in Malaysia, as well as to promote Swedish business and cultural interests. At the Honorary Consulate General, it will be possible to pick up (but not apply for) passports, national id-cards and drivers’ licenses.

Furthermore, the consulate will be able to assist Swedish citizens in distress and hand out emergency passports. More detailed information regarding the future Swedish representation in Malaysia and the establishment of an Honorary Consulate General will be published on the  homepage of the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur at a later stage.

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