Will Beer Chang replace Carlsberg?

Chang Beer is reportedly bidding against its former partner Carlsberg to sponsor Liverpool, the English Premier League Club which is today sponsored by Carlsberg. The two beer manufacturers were partners, until the dispute between the Danes and the Thais ended in legal battle last year.
      The battle brewing in Thailand between Chang Beer and Carlsberg of Denmark could spread into an international conflict if the Thai company moves forward with plans to bid for logo rights on the team’s famous red jerseys.
According to the Thai newspaper, The Nation, Liverpool’s sponsorship contract with Carlsberg expires next year and by taking over the sponsorship, Chang’s logo would be printed on the team’s uniform. Sports sponsorships is considered to be an effective effort for brand recognition on an international basis.
      Witawat Jayapani, chief executive of Creative Juice\ G1, a local advertising agency, pointed as an example to Samsung, the Korean electronic giant, which has spent tremendously trying to internationally promote its brand by sponsoring the World Cup, the world’s biggest football tournament and other major sport events.
      Meanwhile, Thanit Thamsukati, adviser to Beer Thai (1991), the manufacturer of Chang, stated that Chang has to consider the idea of going international as it is expensive to advertise on the jersey of the red team with the figure calculated between Bt200 million to Bt300 million baht per year.
      Thailand’s billionaire, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is now bidding for a stake in Liverpool, the Thais are on the positive side and eventually Chang may also get its bid in the Liverpool sponsorship.

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