Ro-Clean Desmi and liaison office in Vietnam performing 4th project

After having performed 3 projects during 2003 to the governmental Vietnamese Petro-industry and some of their joint ventures, the Danish company Ro-Clean Desmi (a company in the Maersk group) has now performed their 4th project within oil-spill prevention technology.
     “We have been very satisfied with our first two-and-a-half years in Vietnam, and expect that our fortunate position in the Vietnamese market will be even more visible during the coming years,” says Mr. Niels Erik Jensen, president of Ro-Clean Desmi.
     “When we started up in Vietnam in 2002 our expectations were only for the first years to learn and to get experience of how to handle this new progressive market, which Vietnam represents – but due to the thorough effort laid down in the cooperation by our representative in Vietnam, we are ahead of schedule.”
     Some 8-9 years ago, Ro-Clean Desmi made their first attempts to try the market in Vietnam for their products to the petrochemical industry, with limited results. In 2002 Ro-Clean Desmi A/S has teamed up with Domus Logistica Vietnam Ltd., a 100-percent foreign owned Vietnamese company which acts as liaison office for several EU companies in Vietnam and monitoring their sub-contractors in Vietnam.
     “I think one of the most important issues for success in the Vietnamese market is to select your business-partner with great care and make sure that the human chemistry works both ways,” says Niels Erik Jensen.
     Ro-Clean Desmi is the world largest company in supplies within oil-spill booms and barges for the prevention of environmental pollution. The booms, skimmers and related products are implemented as prevention or remedy after, for instance, leakage of tankers, spilling of oil and/or chemicals offshore as well as on-shore.
     The Vietnamese government as well as the petrochemical industry is becoming more aware about the environmental risks and the need for preventional measures and damage control. As a consequence, Ro-Clean Desmi expects the market to grow during the coming years and it is a Ro-Clean strategy to strengthen its commitment and position in Vietnam.

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