Deadline for Biometric Danish Passports Postponed

The Danish Ministry of Justice has decided to change the date for implementation of fingerprints and other biometric data in Danish passports. The initial date of 1 October 2011 for new biometric passports to be introduced has been postponed to 1 January 2012.
For Danish citizens abroad, it means they can until 1 January 2012 still apply for a new passport at most Danish consulates just like they have done during the past.
You can find contact details for Danish consulates in China and South East Asia by selecting you country of interest in the main menu on and then click the tab “Your Local Contacts” to the left on the page – see example here – or you find on

It also means that Danes back in Denmark may apply for a Danish passport at the Civil Service Center (Borgerservicecenter) in any municipality (kommune) in Denmark. It is not necessary to reside in or in other way be attached to the municipality.
You can find addresses of Civil Service Centres at ; You may wish to call beforehand for information on opening hours, booking of appointment etc. and inform them that you reside abroad.
No need to change your passport. All present Danish passports are still valid until their date of expiry.


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