Storm around supertanker sale to Norway

Indonesia’s state owned oil and gas company Pertamina’s sale of two double-hulled supertankers to Norwegian Frontline has caused an uproar in Indonesia.
     The sales process of the ships, started this June, is motivated by much lower operating costs on leased single-hulled supertankers.
     But Pertamina’s union has unearthed documents that challenge the company’s explanation, according to Jakarta Post, and claim that operating double-hulled ships are much cheaper.
     The union suspect the sale is a way for tanker operators to enjoy high profits from leasing the tankers to Pertamina.
     Adding suspicion to the affair is a Jakarta Post report that Frontline’s USD 184 Million bid for the two tankers was only second best.
     The case has now been reported to the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office for alleged corruption and collusion in the transaction.
     Pertamina has rejected the allegations and wants to finish the deal with the Norwegian buyer.

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