Swedish Embassy Media Event

The Swedish Embassy in Bangkok invited members of the Thai media, PR representative, Consultants, Communication Strategists, and Embassy colleagues on 14 December 2011 to show how they can be active online by using social networks as a platform inform about and promote Sweden.

It could also be used as a medium to offer increased service.

The latest media project that was shown was a short instructional movie which will be linked to the Embassy’s website and Facebook. Through visualising the application process for a visa to Sweden with the help of internet platforms such as Youtube, the Embassy hopes to be able to explain the necessary steps needed to apply with more clarity.

Some Swedish businesses in Bangkok were also present. Demonstrating how online media was used as a promotional tool, representatives from Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar and Area Digital.

Among the guests was also the production company Mediawok, the Embassy’s partner in the latest media project.

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