New List of Danes Abroad

Danes who wish to be registered on the List of Danes Abroad are encouraged to register on the new list, since the previous data will not be tranferred to the new system.

The new list is improved from the previous system as the user can log in and update data like address, phone numbers and next of kin. ScandAsia has tested the new system and apart from some language issues the registration process went smooth though a bit timeconsuming. In the new system there is an automated yearly update function, in order to secure that your data is correct and valid.

The purpose of the List of Danes Abroad is still to enable the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contact Danish nationals abroad in case of an acute crisis situation. That could be a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or an armed conflict in the country where you are.

Registering on the List of Danes Abroad is voluntary. You are welcome to register short trips and long term stays abroad.

You can register via the homepage of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, You choose your own personal user id and password, or you can use NemID.

You can contact Consular Services in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ([email protected], +45 3392 1112), if you have any questions or comments to the new list of Danes Abroad.

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