Additional Pfizer dose for Malaysian travellers to Scandinavian countries

Malaysian citizens who have completed primary vaccinations with Sinovac can now receive an additional dose of Pfizer, which allows them to travel to Denmark, Iceland Norway and Sweden and other EU countries on the list being Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.

While EU member states usually only accept vaccination certificates that prove the full vaccination status of the holder by the approved European Medicines Agency (EMA), Malaysian citizens wishing to receive the Pfizer booster shot will be able to travel to these countries and are required to apply online.

They need to present their vaccination pass upon arrival and do not need to present a vaccination, recovery or test certificate.

Speaking at a press conference, Malaysian Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, revealed that he is aware that citizens of Malaysia vaccinated with Sinovac face additional restrictions or are not permitted entry to some EU countries. For this reason, he has decided to offer the Pfizer booster shots upon request, reports.

“In order to help those who are facing difficulties when entering EU countries, we will offer them Pfizer as a booster shot upon request,” Jamaluddin said.

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