Akke from The Fat Chili in Denmark makes Thai inspired ‘easy2cook’ dishes

Akke Songcharoen has had The Fat Chili since December 2020. Photo: Merete Jensen

Thailand-born, army veteran Akke Songcharoen is honouring his Thai origins with his new business ventures of Thai fusion food at The Fat Chili. He has turned the little traditional Bagel and Smoerrebroeds cafe in Sorø, Denmark into a fusion of ‘Easy2cook’ Thai-inspired dishes, roast pork sandwiches, burgers, sliders, and much more.

Akke Songcharoen came to Denmark with his mother when he was five years old. Both his biological parents are from Thailand but he has never really known his father.

Akke Songcharoen explains in an interview with sn.dk that he has made ‘Easy2cook’ Thai-inspired dishes available on the menu. As the name suggests, the dishes consist of meat which is almost cooked through, pre-cut vegetables, and cooked rice. It is a very easy and convenient solution to a complete Thai meal because you only have to heat the three elements. To accommodate the Danish taste buds, Akke Songcharoen has put chili on the side so people can make their dish as spicy as they want to.

In addition to Thai fusion food, Akke Songcharoen also serves a variety of traditional Danish food such as roast pork sandwiches, open sandwiches, sliders, and his signature burgers with homemade brioche buns and french fries.

Akke Songcharoen is a trained nurse in the defense force and has been deployed to hotspots such as Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan – primarily in the kitchen section. He is today a veteran. He says that the idea of helping a veteran appealed to the previous owner of the cafe and that he is very grateful for the opportunity to take over the cafe and introduce Thai fusion food to the town of Sorø.

Photo: Merete Jensen

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