Amazing Santa Lucia celebration

Lucia Celebration Photo: Hema Selva

Close to 90 guests took part in the festive celebration of Lucia in Singapore on December 13th.

Swedish Ambassador, Ingemar Dolfe warmly welcomed all friends of Sweden and described how the celebration of Santa Lucia is traditionally carried out in Sweden.

An additional Lucia event was held at the Swedish Residence by the Defence Department of the Embassy. This gave the guests from the defence sector the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful singing by the choir.

On both occasions, the Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA) offered the guests a taste of Swedish culture as the Lucia procession entertained the guests with traditional Lucia songs and beautiful Christmas carols. Many of the Singaporean guests experienced a Lucia procession for the first time and the guests said they were both impressed and taken by the striking ambience created by the choir. The guests also had the pleasure of tasting traditional Swedish Christmas delicacies and glögg.

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