Art is Easy in Kunming

In Kunming, Chinakumning ,March 15th, the art exhibition “Art is Easy” made by Norwegian artists Hilmar Fredriksen and Anne Rolfsen officially opened.

The exhibition was presented by TCG Nordica as part of the Kunming Markets event.

Hilmar Fredriksen and Anne Rolfsen found inspiration in Tao Te Ching, the famous work of Chinese philosopher Laozi.

– I find there are similarities between parts of the Taoist thinking and the way I’m working. By letting it go it all gets done. What does this mean? Too much intention, and things no longer come to you. If you do not look for anything, it comes to you. With this attitude everything might become something, says Fredriksen.

“Art is Easy” consists of a variety of different objects, installations, video animation, paintings, and performances. What binds it all together is a Rolfsens and Fredriksens fascination for color, pattern, Eastern philosophy and of course, the passion the two share for art.

Rolfsen, who felt she was missing colors in her life when she first visited Kunming, explains her use of contrasting colors in the exhibition. -This is the Nordic Light and the Eastern Shades meeting in Kunming, she says.

The exhibition will last until April 19th.

For more information about the exhibition, see:

Art is easy: Anne Rolfsen and Hilmar Fredriksen’s Exhibition

Words and photo: Norway in China



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