Joy through inquiry based learning at Pegasus International Preschool

Want to enroll your children in a preschool that differs from the typical Scandinavian kindergarten, combining learning with activities and fun?

Pegasus International Preschool is a bilingual preschool in Singapore for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

Photo: Pegasus International Preschool
Photo: Pegasus International Preschool

The preschools distincts ambitions is for the children to have a joyous day through learning with a holistic approach, which means encouraging wholesome development with learning both at the playground and at home. The idea is to encourage parents to participate with this approach, so the children can learn a lot, while having a memorable childhood.

“Majority of the preschools in Singapore are mostly academic based and the focus mainly on developing or ascertaining that certain skills are developed in children. At Pegasus, we believe that each child is unique and competent. The teachers will build on those competencies, thus developing each individual child’s strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses, “ Ms Shyan Campos, Pegasus principal said.

Pegasus International Preschool have chosen an inquiry-based curriculum instead of traditional Rote Learning methods. The process of inquiry is to understand the many questions children ask and allowing them to explore cognitively by the use of their senses.

This concept is followed by daily hands on projects and different class activities. The big spaced classrooms and extensive outdoor natural play areas provide the children independence to learn and have fun in a stimulating atmosphere.

Pegasus Curriculum offers different courses that delivers knowledge and skills in subjects such as Language and Literacy, Mathematical Concepts, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Music & Movement, Outdoor Explorations, Creative Art, Science Exposure, Character Building & Mandarin.

For enrollment information or to book a school tour, email us at [email protected].


Tel No: 6735 2494

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