Bangkok still most popular for Danes

Once again, the most searched tickets online for the summer is for flights to Bangkok according to an analysis by the popular travel search engine,

Momondo has mapped the most popular searches in the summer period and Bangkok came in at first place. The explanation is low prices and new travel patterns in Denmark.

“Bangkok is once again in the top 3 which is probably because of two things: First off, the prices are now at a level that means that Bangkok can compete with European destinations. Secondly, many who plan their summer holidays use Bangkok as a gateway to larger travels in Southeast Asia,” says Julie Pedersen, head of communications at Momondo.

”That Bangkok is now a preferred destination for the summer says something about the habit of travelers. It has become easier and more normal to travel a great distance for the Danes,” she ads.

In the charter industry there are no worries about the seemingly intense interest in destinations like Bangkok.

”We are not competing for the same tourists. At us the most popular destinations are Mallorca, Turkey and the Greek islands. Those are the classic destinations which have been available since the birth og charter companies,” says Stig Elling, director of sales at Star Tour.

”The Danes feel safe here, because it is something they know. In the summer time, Bangkok is not something we put a lot of effort into. It is a winter destination for us,” Stig Elling ads.

According to, tourists from central and southern Jutland still prefer the traditional summer destinations in Spain, while both tourists from Copenhagen and Northern Jutland prefer city holidays like Bangkok.

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