Biggest ever Danish art and culture expo in China underway

“Little Fairytale, Big Future” – The Danish Cultural Season in China (2014-2015)

Danish cultural initiatives in China will be intensified in the Autumn of 2014 and Spring of 2015 with a substantial cultural programme involving a number of major cultural stakeholders in both countries. The programme will run from September 2014 den_cn_culturuntil June 2015. The cultural programme will include exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, literary events, symposia, performing arts and theatre, special events with a focus on design, architecture and crafts, as well as initiatives focusing on children and young people.

It is the largest single exposition to date of Danish art and culture in China – with a long-term strategy for establishing Danish-Chinese partnerships and collaboration that will leave a mark and have an impact on the future. The Danish Minister for Culture is expected to pay a visit to China in the autumn of 2014 to participate in the cultural programme.

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