Swedish Defense Research Agency secretly cooperated with China

Saab Gripen taking off. Photo Milan Nykodym @ wikicommons
Saab Gripen taking off. Photo Milan Nykodym @ wikicommons

Yesterday Swedish Television SVT could reveal that the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) negotiated a deal on export of software used to develop the Swedish fighter jet Gripen.

For years Swedish defense authorities have secretly been trying to sell advanced software to the Chinese. Software made by FOI and used in the development of fighter jets and airborne weapons.

By cooperating with China the Swedish defense authorities is breaking EU’s 25 year old weapons embargo against China. Military cooperation between the two countries is also against Sweden’s official opinion against exporting military equipment to dictatorships.

The disputed software is named Edge and has been used to calculate aerodynamics on Saab’s Gripen jet, missiles and robots.

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