Business Sweden hosted Industry 4.0 seminars

In early July Business Sweden organized two seminars, one in Malaysia (Johor Bahru) and one in Singapore, on the topic “Sweden – A partner in the journey towards Industry 4.0” together with key Swedish industry experts, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) and the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF).

The objective with the seminars was to increase collaboration between Swedish industry experts and local manufactures by exchanging experiences and sharing information on how to cope with the more demanding global market by adapting sustainable models and technologies. Industry 4.0 enables what has been referred to as “smart factory”. In the smart factory, humans, machines and components can communicate with each other seamlessly.

The development is moving towards self-regulating production where data analytics lies in the core. This enables swift adaptation to individual customer demands by optimising usage of the resources and improving the flow of goods and services within the value chain. Sharing the ambition of creating smarter and more sustainable manufacturing processes, the Malaysian, Singaporean and Swedish stakeholders aim to work even closer together.

Source: Business Sweden Southeast Asia

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