Check how to vote for upcoming Norwegian elections

Photo: Arnaud Jaegers / Unsplash

Even though you don’t live in Norway, your democratic right to vote for the municipal and regional elections on 9 September 2019 are intact if you’re a Norwegian citizen.

However, you will not receive an election document in your mailbox with information on where to vote.

Instead, you have to seek out a Norwegian embassy, consulate or other location. Such locations include the seamen’s church in Pattaya and the ambulant seamen’s priest, Stein Vangen, who will be travelling the Philippines and assisting Norwegians in voting.

Be sure to check out your relevant embassy for further information on where you can vote as well as note opening hours and days. Remember valid identification.

It is your own responsibility that your vote arrives at the given Norwegian municipality no later than 5 P.M. on 10 September.

If it’s not possible to go to an official place, you may send your vote directly to the municipality which you are registered or were last registered. Note that if it’s more than 10 years ago you were registered in the municipality, you must apply for your vote to count. Learn more here.

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